Home Energy Monitor

See how much electricity you are using in real-time

Want to have more control over your energy bills? With a home area network (HAN), you can see exactly how much electricity you are using in real-time. This information can help you identify ways to manage your usage and reduce your energy costs.

Home Energy Monitor

PPL Electric Utilities is working with Rainforest Automation to allow customers to order or connect a monitor to their electric meter.

With a monitor, you can:

  • Get real-time usage in kilowatt hours (kWh) and estimated supply cost (cents/hour).
  • Check how much electricity in your home is running 24/7 and see how much electricity different appliances are using such as your refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes dryer.
  • Conduct experiments to help you save energy.
  • Monitor usage-to-date for a certain time period.
  • If you have renewable energy, check how much electricity you’re sending to the grid. There’s no need to go out and read it off your meter anymore.

Available Monitors

PPL is working with Rainforest Automation to provide a platform for customers to purchase in-home display monitors, or customers may purchase any ZigBee Alliance qualified device and link it your electric meter.

NOTE: PPL has only qualified the two Rainforest devices. Other ZigBee Alliance devices should work but PPL cannot guarantee success with these other devices.

EMU-2 product photo

EMU-2: Energy Monitoring Unit

  • Simple 2-button interface
  • Dual mode power: AC adapter or batteries
  • ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 Certified
EAGLE-200 product photo

EAGLE-200: Smart Meter Energy Gateway

  • App available to monitor your usage on the go
  • Additional ZigBee ports to interact with other smart devices
  • Displays peak demand
Vue Utility Connect 2

Link other qualifying customer-owned devices
No additional charge

  • Purchase any brand home monitor certified by the Zigbee Alliance and link to your PPL meter at no additional cost.

Will a Monitor Work at my Home?

  • You must have a new advanced meter. Not sure if you have a new meter? Look for your meter number on our website or on your most recent bill. New meter numbers begin with “30” and have 9 digits.
  • Be able to keep the device within 75 feet of your meter. If you live in an apartment or rowhome, make sure the device can stay within 75 feet of the device. Be aware that concrete walls, metal siding and stucco wire can block signals and reduce the operating range.
  • Have an online PPL account. If you don’t have an online account, it’s easy to create one. You must also have an email address.


Your monitor connects only to your meter and is programmed by PPL Electric Utilities. Monitors cannot be programmed to view usage for other meters. If you move, the unit will automatically stop monitoring usage at your old address and will need to be re-programmed for your new home. Email EUHANPilot@pplweb.com to have your monitor re-programmed.