PPL Electric Utilities | Our Drive for Green

Our Drive for Green

Our drive for green

At PPL Electric Utilities, we’re doing our part to support the developing green vehicle market.

We’ve studied how electric vehicles might affect the equipment that delivers the power you need every day. A three -year research project with General Motors and the Electric Power Research Institute showed us our system will be able to handle the expected influx of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Plus, planned upgrades to our system will allow us to meet likely electricity demand from vehicles over the long term.

Our Fleet

In 2015, we added 15 Chevrolet Volts to our business vehicle fleet. We believe they are a viable, cost-effective and environmentally conscious means of transportation.

In addition to the Volts, we’ll be installing battery-operated bucket lifts on 12 of our trucks. This addition will eliminate the need for the truck to idle to provide power to operate the buckets, reducing emissions and providing a quitter environment while we complete our work.