Pay Bills or Report Outages by Text

Now paying your bill or reporting an outage can be as simple as sending a text message.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Text any of the following commands – PAY, BALANCE, OUTAGE or STATUS – to TXTPPL (898-775).
  2. Answer a few questions to verify your PPL customer account. You will need your zip code and/or account number.  If you don’t have a mobile number on your account, you’ll need to add the mobile number you want to use first as the primary or alternate number. Visit Click Add Phone and save the changes.
  3. To pay your bill, you must have a bank account on file. If you’ve ever paid through PPL’s website or interactive phone system, you should be good to go. If not, you’ll first need to make a payment on our website. We’ll securely save your bank info for text payments.

Get Started!

Text any of the commands below to TXTPPL (898775)

Message and data rates may apply


Here are the commands you can use:

hand with dollar sign above it


Text “Pay” to TXTPPL (898775)

We’ll text back to confirm the amount you want to pay. If you don’t have a bank account stored, you’ll first need to make a payment on our website or our automatic phone system at 1-800-342-5775.

(Customers in collections will not be able to use this feature.)

balance (scale) icon


Text “Balance” to TXTPPL (898775)

Get your account balance, past due balance (if any) and your due date.

lightbulb icon


Text “Outage” to TXTPPL (898775)

Report a power outage.

clock icon


Text “Status” to TXTPPL (898775)

Check the status of your outage.

Other available commands:

moon and three letter z


Delay any new texts for 8 hours

stop sign


Stop all future texts, including any outage or bill due alerts

For a program overview and a link to PPL Alerts information, use the command PPLALERTS.