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Winter Relief Assistance Program

You could be eligible for free home energy services

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At PPL Electric Utilities, we care about helping our customers understand how to use energy wisely. We also believe in lending a hand to those who may be struggling to pay their electric bills.

One way we help is through our Winter Relief Assistance Program. WRAP helps customers with limited incomes to reduce their home energy use and lower their electric bills.

Here’s how it works:

  • Qualifying customers work with a WRAP energy educator on ways to save. 
  • Services depend on the result of a WRAP energy audit and may include energy education, the installation of energy-efficient appliances and home weatherization measures.
  • All WRAP services are free for eligible customers, and all work is done by local, professional contractors to ensure quality. 
  • Since it was founded in 1985, PPL Electric Utilities’ WRAP program has helped more than 85,000 individuals and families. 

Take the first step: Call us at 1-888-232-6302


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WRAP services may include:

  • Energy education and a home-energy savings plan.
  • Energy-saving LED light bulbs.
  • Energy-efficient replacements of refrigerators and air conditioners.
  • Installation or cleaning of heating/air-conditioning filters.
  • Electric water heater replacement/heat pump water heater

Additional services for electric heat customers, or those who meet electricity usage criteria, may include:

  • Attic, floor and wall insulation.
  • Weatherstripping.
  • Whole-house foam insulation.
  • New door sweeps and thresholds.
  • Duct insulation.
  • New thermostats.
  • Heating system repair or replacement


  • To qualify for WRAP services, customers must:
  • Own or rent a house or apartment that has not received WRAP services in the past seven years.
  • Be a PPL Electric Utilities customer with an individual electric meter.
  • Be at least 18 years old. 
  • Customers who rent a home or apartment need the landlord’s permission before PPL Electric Utilities can provide most WRAP services. WRAP services must be used for a primary residence, not a secondary residence or vacation home.
 WRAP Income Guidelines for 2015

 Family size Income limit
 1  $23,540
 2  $31,860
 3  $40,180
 4  $48,500
 5  $56,820
 6  $65,140
 7  $73,460
 8  $81,780
 Each additional person  Add $8,320