Meter Verification

Checking existing meters

In advance of the meter replacements we have planned between late 2016 and 2019, PPL Electric Utilities will be checking existing meters throughout our service territory. 

Grid One Solutions, a contractor hired by PPL Electric Utilities, will collect information on the type and location of your meter to prepare for its eventual replacement. They will not collect any information on electricity usage. A photo of a Grid One vehicle is below, to help you identify Grid One employees if they are working in your neighborhood.

pickup truck with Grid One logo

You will receive a letter from PPL Electric Utilities before the planned meter verification. The letter explains the process, defines what action you need to take, and tells you whom to contact with questions.

If your meter is outdoors and accessible, you need not take any action. If your meter is indoors or otherwise inaccessible, Grid One will call to schedule an appointment.

There is no charge and your service will not be interrupted.

We will not be installing new meters during the meter check process. 

Our meter replacement plan has been approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Current Inspection Schedule
  • Fall 2017: Monroe/Carbon counties continued; Honesdale; Wayne and northern Lackawanna counties
  • Winter 2017-18: Wayne and northern Lackawanna counties continued; Scranton; Wilkes-Barre
  • Spring 2018: White Haven; Hazleton; Tamaqua; Pottsville; Orwigsburg
  • Summer 2018: Frackville; Marion Heights; Bloomsburg; Williamsport
  • Fall 2018: Williamsport continued; Lock Haven; Sunbury
  • Winter 2018: Lock Haven and Sunbury continued