PPL Electric Utilities

Questions and Answers about the new meter project

Why did PPL Electric Utilities install new electric meters?

There are several reasons, all of which involve better service for our customers:
  • The new meters will enable new energy-saving technologies and will make our electric system more reliable. 
  • Our current electric meters are reaching the end of their useful life and we want to be proactive in replacing them.
  • Technology has changed significantly since our current meters were installed.
  • The new meters will bring us into full compliance with state-mandated regulations on electric meter technology.

How will the new system help customers save energy?

The new metering system helps customers make wise energy decisions by giving them access to pricing and electric use information to manage their energy usage more efficiently and save money on their electric bills.

How will the new meters benefit me if I'm not interested in tracking my energy use?

The new meters will have several benefits for all customers:

They will automatically report outages. This is expected to contribute to even faster response by our crews to repair the damage and restore your power.
They allow us to remotely connect or disconnect service. This will enable us to provide faster, cheaper, safer, and more convenient service to customers wanting to start or stop power to their home or business.
They will allow us to immediately detect theft or tampering. Theft of electricity costs all customers.

How will the new meters improve electric system reliability?

The new meters can report power outages automatically. This means that PPL will be able to dispatch repair crews more quickly to restore power.

Will the new meters improve the way PPL Electric Utilities starts and stops electric service, such as when customers move?

Yes. Currently, the company has to send a service person to visit a home or business to physically connect or disconnect the meter. Under the new system, we can complete service requests remotely, meaning that these starts and stops will be faster and more convenient for customers.

What’s the difference between the current meters and the new ones? 

Our current meters use PPL power lines to communicate meter reading information to our billing system. Most of the existing meters are dial meters with a spinning disk. We’ll now be using electronic digital meters equipped with wireless communication technology. The new meters will communicate data to PPL through this radio signal system. 

Should I be concerned about the privacy of my information with these new meters?

No. As we always have done, we will carefully protect our customers’ information, consistent with all regulatory requirements. All data transmitted by the meters will be encrypted and protected by PPL. The new meter system will have multiple layers of safeguards designed to keep your electricity usage data private.

Some people have expressed health concerns related to this type of meter. Is that an issue?

Many government agencies, regulatory agencies and health organizations have studied the issue. We are not aware of any studies that have found any health risks caused by the use of this type of meter in homes and businesses.

These meters typically transmit for a total of only a few minutes a day. The meters will conform to all applicable safety standards.

The low-level radio frequency signals used by our new meters are similar to those used in:


Cellular/cordless phones

baby monitor

Baby monitors

garage opener

Garage door openers

wireless router

Wireless networks