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PPL Smart Grid

When it comes to continuously improving reliability for our customers, we’re cutting power outage lengths by an average of 30 percent with smart grid technology.

We install hundreds of smart grid devices across our system every year to further improve reliability.

Improved Reliability
Improved Reliability
  • Smart grid technology senses power outages
  • Automated devices alert operators
Power Restored Faster
Power Restored Faster
  • Operators remotely re-route power
  • Many customers can be back in service in minutes – before repairs are made

Since 2012, when we piloted smart grid technology in Cumberland and Dauphin counties, we have been installing automated equipment throughout the service area.

Smart grid devices are one part of our investments to improve reliability for customers. Other work includes new power lines and substations; stronger, more weather-resistant poles; and trimming more trees to strengthen the electric delivery system to meet customer expectations for safe, reliable service.