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PPL Smart Grid

Imagine a “smart” power delivery system that can instantly detect problems and automatically begin healing itself so that power is restored to your home or business in seconds.

We are installing smart grid – a system of automated sensors and switches – throughout our delivery area. In a pilot of the program in the Harrisburg area, it has already significantly improved electric service reliability.

Smart grid is just one of the ways that we’re working to make your service more reliable. We’ve also stepped up tree trimming and removal because trees are the major cause of power outages during storms. And we’re replacing aging equipment, installing more storm-resistant poles and wires, and installing animal guards to keep squirrels and other animals from shorting out our equipment and causing outages.

In 2013, the number of power outages was down by 9 percent compared with the average of the previous three years, and the duration of those outages was down by 11 percent. And that’s after adjusting for the fact that 2013 had fewer storms than the previous three-year period.

Tree-related outages were down by 43 percent in 2013, and we’re continuing to remove trees from areas near our wires.

You expect reliable electric service. And when a power outage does happen, you expect to have your service restored quickly.

With improved reliability from projects such as smart grid, we hope to meet or exceed your expectations.