Renewable Energy

Getting started with solar panels and other distributed energy resources

At PPL Electric Utilities, we know that renewable energy sources such as wind, solar power and other forms of distributed energy resources play a role in supplying the energy needs of our communities. We want to make it easy for customers to understand safety regulations and to apply to connect renewable energy projects to the electricity grid.

As always, safety is our top priority. The rules and regulations governing the connection of renewable energy equipment are meant to ensure your safety and the safety and protection of PPL Electric Utilities’ infrastructure.

Renewable Energy

Getting Started with Solar Panels and Other Energy Resources

Are you thinking about connecting a renewable energy source – such as solar panels– to the electric grid? You’ve come to the right place.

Your safety and the reliability of the electric grid are our top priorities. Follow these five steps to make sure your interconnection is done right.

Understand your energy use

STEP 1. Understand your energy use

Take some time to understand your energy use. Installing a renewable energy source, like solar panels, can help reduce your bill. However, there are costs involved in the installation process.

Before moving forward, look for inexpensive and simple ways to stretch your energy dollar. PPL offers various Energy Efficiency programs that can help.

Determine if solar is right for you

STEP 2. Determine if solar is right for you

Now you can look into the feasibility of installing a distributed energy source. In most cases, such as a solar panel system, it will be a renewable energy source.

You’ll need to hire a professional solar installation contractor and determine if solar works for your specific situation.

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Get ready to apply

STEP 3. Gather your information and apply

Before you install a solar system or any other distributed energy system, you must obtain approval from PPL. Without our approval, you are not permitted to interconnect your system to the distribution grid, which means you won’t be able to reduce your load or in some cases “sell” power to the grid.

Be sure to direct your contractor to our online application process.

Here’s what your contractor will need from you to complete the application:

  • Detailed customer information – most of this information is on your PPL bill.
  • Details about the proposed system – this can only be obtained after a system has been sized or designed. It will include the system capacity, make/model of the inverter, etc.
Apply to PPL

STEP 4. PPL Electric Utilities will review your application

Once your contractor (on your behalf) applies to PPL through our online application process we will review your application. Our goal is to ensure that your proposed solar system or distributed energy resource is safe, meets our installation and equipment requirements, and won’t affect our ability to provide safe and reliable power to you and your neighbors.

In most cases (especially for residential solar systems less than 25 kW) it will take only a day or two for your application to be reviewed. For larger solar and distributed energy resource systems, your system may not be approved or may require the installation of additional equipment. This would occur if the system as proposed could adversely impact the grid from a safety or reliability standpoint, If this is the case, we will contact you directly to discuss possible next steps.

Install your system and connect to the grid

STEP 5. Install your system and connect to the grid

Once you receive PPL approval, complete construction of your project and provide your Certificate of Completion (i.e., inspection), you can instruct your contractor to interconnect your system to the distribution grid.

Technical documents

From relay and control requirements to information about inverters, find the files you need to apply and complete your project.

Technical Documents


Need more help?

Billing and usage for renewable energy customers

Residential customers: 1-800-342-5775 or

Billing and usage for renewable energy customers

Business customers: 1-888-220-9991, select Option 4, or