April 8, 2004

Letters to REMSI Users

RE: Change Due to Adoption of Uniform Construction Code (Act 45)

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has recently adopted regulations pursuant to the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (Act 45) for a Uniform Construction Code (UCC). The UCC will assure that the Commonwealth has a uniform, modern construction code that will insure safety, health, and sanitary construction as well as promote state-of-the-art techniques and encourage cost effectiveness.

These regulations provide a certification program and establish minimum continuing education requirements for code administrators for the specific work that is to be performed. The regulations also set the time period for current code administrators to meet the certification requirements of Act 45 and provide for the registration of current code officials until these requirements are met.

April 9, 2004, the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (Act 45) takes effect and all electrical inspectors and agencies must be registered or certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

As of May 10, 2004, PPL Electric Utilities will accept electrical inspection cut-in cards only from inspectors who are registered or certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and whose names appear on the Department of Labor & Industry web page (http://www.dli.state.pa.us/). Both electrical inspectors and the agencies for which they work must be registered or certified.

If you have any questions, please contact Randy Kreider (610) 774-5946 or rdkreider@pplweb.com.


Oliver G. Kasper
Mgr., Pricing & Contract Administrator