Rule 3

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)

RULE 3 - Service Available At High Voltage

  1. Service at Line Voltage:

    High voltage service is provided at line voltage from the nearest suitable high voltage line and the customer installs, owns and maintains all equipment necessary to transform the voltage.

  2. Service Voltage Less Than Line Voltage:

    When a customer requests service at a standard high voltage which is lower than that of the available line voltage, the customer may take service under a rate schedule which provides for PPL EU to install, own and maintain one transformation from line voltage.

  3. Standard Service Voltages:

    PLL EU's standard high voltages at which service is provided, depending on availability of lines, are:



    Nominal Voltage


    3 3 2,300 Note 1
    3 4 4160Y/2400 Note 1
    3 3 4,600 Note 1
    3 4 12470Y/7200 ------
    3 4 23,000 Note 2
    3 3 69,000 Note 2
    3 3 138,000 Note 2
  4. Transformer Connections, Voltage and Tap Specifications:

    The above voltages are nominal. PPL EU reviews customer selected high-side voltage and transformers taps (prior to purchase) before being installed by the customer to provide the service voltage. All loads shall be balanced as nearly as possible on the three phases.

    Customer owned transformer banks configured as grounded wye primary and closed delta secondary shall not be connected to the PPL EU system without prior approval from PPL EU. (C)

  5. Single Phase High Voltage Service:

    PPL EU will provide single phase service at 7,200 volts under certain conditions.

    Note 1: Distribution lines at these voltages are in the process of elimination and no new or additional service is provided directly from such distribution lines.

    Note 2: For voltages 23KV and above. The Rules in REMSI apply in general; however, PPL EU issues specifications for each installation as referenced in the Point of Contact Requirements for High Voltage Customer – Owned Facilities.

(C) Indicates Change