Attaching to Poles

Attachments & Telecom Business Services

Attachments & Telecom Business Services provides a single point of contact for all who wish to gain access to PPL Electric Utilities infrastructure. 

No one is allowed to attach to utility poles in the state of Pennsylvania without permission from the pole owner. PPL Electric Utilities evaluates attachments based on many criteria, including but not limited to, safety, impact to the public, clearance from ground and roadways, etc. Often we have ruled out certain types of attachments as well as certain attachment locations on the poles and our policies and specifications reflect all of this information.

If you are interested in attaching to poles or modifying existing attachments, follow the links below for information specific to your needs.

Communications Attachments
Communications companies interested in use PPL Electric Utilities facilities should follow this link. New applications, modifications to existing plant, and inquiries regarding our specs and processes are supported on this page.

Public / Private 
Municipal representatives, commercial businesses, and organizations interested in use our should follow this link. We allow some, but not all types of attachments to our poles that are not regulated by the FCC and this page provides some basic information to get you started as well as links to begin work should you choose to apply for attachments.

Street Lights
Street Light issues are often resolved by a variety of PPL Electric Utilities departments. This page should provide you with some of the general information regarding street lights, and help route you to the correct department if you have a request for work related to street lights.

Gas / Electric Utility / Other Utility 
PPL Electric Utilities has specifications to deal with cases where multiple utilities are in need of utilizing the same facilites. Often these specifications aren’t as commonly known to outside customers. This page will provide more information regarding these attachment types.

NJUNS Transfer Program
PPL Electric Utilities is continually monitoring and maintaining the condition of our facilities. When equipment is replaced we need customers with attachments to vacate the out of service facilities. This page will explain the process we have in place to facilitate these transfers to the new facilities.