At Your Service

Investing in Your Service

Flip the switch and the light comes on. It's something we do every day without giving it much thought.

Electricity powers our lives, and at PPL Electric Utilities, our job is to make sure your electric service continues to be safe and reliable – for today and the tomorrows yet to come.

We're making investments to improve our electric delivery system – replacing aging facilities and building new ones to meet growth in demand and to make our network even more reliable. And while we recognize that not everyone likes new power lines or substations, we know that everyone wants the lights to come on when they flip the switch.

We work very hard to make sure our systems – these power lines, transformers and substations – meet your electric needs – both today and for future generations.

In this section, you’ll see information on subjects including:

  • How the electric system works
  • What we do to keep the power on
  • How we’re implementing Smart Grid technology