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an osprey nest rises on a tall pole out of a meadow
Another Home for Ospreys
We helped raise another nesting platform for wild birds.
Piggy banks on the grass
Get Rebates to Help you Save
From LEDs to refrigerators, we offer rebates and discounts for our customers.
finger pressing hangup button on desk phone
Hang Up On Phone Scams
Our video explains scammers' most common tricks, to keep you safe.
still photo of doctor's office with bench and stethoscope
Helping Healthcare Save
We'll discuss energy efficiency opportunities Oct. 5 at our free Healthcare Energy Efficiency Forum.
A friendly service representative on the phone
We're at Your Service
With small business specialists and dedicated account professionals, we're here to help you.
A small business owner in his shop
Get Rebates to Help you Save
From assessments to rebates, we’re committed to finding energy-saving solutions that work for you.
Contractor on a job site
Submit Work Orders
Use our Contractor Services tool to enter and track requests for electric service.
A line worker installing a street light
Pole Attachment Services
Apply online for street lights and other pole attachments.
Solar Panels
Rules for Electric Meter & Service Installations (REMSI)
See the complete list of rules for electric service with PPL Electric Utilities.

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