Power Purchase Options for Businesses

Information to help you shop

Pennsylvania law allows you to choose your generation provider. By shopping for electricity supply, you may be able to find a better price or options more tailored to your business needs. We encourage you to explore all of your options. Find a list of licensed suppliers on the PAPowerSwitch.com.

If you don’t choose a supplier, we’re required to buy power for you and pass along the cost without profit.

Large commercial and industrial customers have only a real-time pricing option for default supply. Large commercial and industrial customers are typically those customers taking service supplied from available lines of three phase 12,470 volts or greater, or single phase 7,200 volts when the customer furnishes and maintains all equipment necessary to transform the energy from line voltage. 

Most mid-size businesses have a quarterly fixed-price option. Mid-size business customers are typically those taking general two-phase or three-phase service at secondary voltage. Most businesses have a six month fixed-price option that changes on June 1 and Dec. 1. Where necessary, PPL Electric Utilities furnishes and maintains one transformation from line voltage to a lower company standard service voltage.

Whether you switch to another supplier or receive default supply from us, we will continue to deliver your power safely and reliably. That’s our job, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Real-time pricing option for large commercial and industrial customers

  • If you don’t choose another supplier, you will receive hourly market pricing from PPL Electric Utilities.
  • We will purchase power for you from PJM Interconnection’s wholesale electricity market and pass those costs on to you.
  • Market prices vary hour-to-hour based on supply, demand and factors like weather. Learn more about wholesale market pricing in our Related Links. 

Real-time pricing information

Fixed-price option for businesses

  • Currently, the price will change twice a year -- on June 1 and December 1.
  • Actual prices will be available approximately 10 days before they go into effect and price-to-compare figures will be posted online.
  • The price-to-compare is printed on your monthly electric bill.
  • You can shop and leave the fixed-price option at any time. You can also switch back to the default option at any time. However, please be aware that you could face a cancellation fee or penalty from your supplier depending upon the terms of your agreement.
  • You can sign up for PPL Alerts, which provides you notifications regarding changes in the price-to-compare. Simply enter your contact information and decide how you want to receive the alerts — voice, email, text or all three. You can unsubscribe at any time.