Fraud & Deceptive Marketing

Scam Alert

Scam alert

Fraud & deceptive marketing

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We look out for our customers.

As your electricity distributor we will deliver electricity from any supplier you choose. If you don’t choose a supplier, we will provide default supply to you at cost — the “Price to Compare.” We do not profit from default supply and we encourage you to shop for the best energy prices.


We want to help you identify deceptive and misleading tactics being used to trick or pressure our customers into switching supply service — often at a higher cost.

Half-truths & lies being used

Misrepresenting themselves
"I’m calling on behalf of PPL (or your current supplier) ..."

Misrepresenting supplier status
"Your current supplier is changing, or is no longer in business ..."

Misrepresenting facts
"You must renew or change suppliers or your electricity will be shut off ..."

Misrepresenting pricing
"We are offering lower rates than PPL (or your current supplier)" — when they do not really know what your current rates are.

Misrepresenting total pricing
"This is the total price, including generation, transmission and distribution."

Misrepresenting their true intentions
"You will receive a free gift card by answering a few questions ..."(to obtain personal information or changing your supplier plan without your consent.)

What to do.

PPL does not market or sell supplier services by phone or door to door. If the solicitor claims to represent PPL call us directly.

Don’t always trust caller ID Scammers can make it look like PPL is calling. If you suspect the caller might not really be PPL, hang up and call us directly.

Only return messages and calls to PPL at our official phone number: 1-800-342-5775.

Update your account with a security PIN or password and never give it to anyone who calls you. We will ask for your PIN and password when you call us to make sure it’s really you.

Create an online account. You can check your account information and current supplier at any time, from any device.

Keep your email address and phone number up-to-date. This way we can send you important notices, like this one. We prefer email or text so we can keep costs down for you.

Be wary of anyone who pressures you to make a quick decision.

Report scammers

If you have questions or think you may have been tricked or scammed, call us at 1-800-342-5775.

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We value our customers and the trust they place in us. We will do everything we can to protect them.

Your PPL Customer Services Team

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Get great prices by shopping for your electric supply, but be sure to check the facts against your current bill.


Get the facts

Questions to ask suppliers:

  • What is the length of the agreement?
  • Is there automatic renewal?
    Are there cancellation, change or penalty fees?
  • Is this a fixed or variable rate?
  • Is this an introductory rate? If so, for how long?
    What is the price after the introductory period?
  • Get more information at