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Efficiency Assessment

Energy audits, surveys and weatherization to help you save

There are two levels of energy efficiency assessments available

  • The home energy audit, which includes a comprehensive look at where your home wastes energy and customized recommendations for you to save. It also includes, as needed, the energy-saving measures included in the survey.
  • The survey, which costs $50, will install, as needed, energy-saving measures in your home.

Home Energy Audits

  • Get a comprehensive diagnostic audit performed by a building analyst certified by the Building Performance Institute. The home audit includes an examination of how much air is leaking in and out of your home, and an assessment of the air quality.
  • The analyst also will install, if needed, the free energy-saving items offered in the walk-through survey and will give you recommendations about other energy-saving measures you can take.
  • You can get a $250 discount if you have electric heat AND central air conditioning, or a $125 discount if you have electric heat OR central air conditioning.

Home Energy Surveys

In addition to giving you advice on ways to improve your home's energy efficiency an energy surveyor will conduct a walk-through evaluation of your home and install free energy-saving items that include:

  • Dimmable and Three-Way CFLs
  • Two faucet aerators
  • Smart strip
  • Water heater set back
  • 10 feet of hot water pipe insulation (if you have an electric water heater)

By implementing the recommendations, you also could qualify for additional E-power rebates. This option is valued at more than $100 but you only pay $50.

Weatherization rebates may be available

  • After a home audit or survey, you could qualify for rebates on weatherization measures.
  • Customers must reach a minimum of R11 above code installed to receive a rebate of up to $750.

Program News

Program Status: OpenOpen

This program is now open and funding is available.

Are You Eligible?

All residential customers are eligible. Measures must be installed after June 1, 2013.

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