The general tariff

General Tariff

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List of Changes

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Territory Covered by This Tariff

Rule 1 - Electric Service Tariff
Rule 2 - Requirements for Service
Rule 3 - Extension of Service
Rule 4 - Supply of Service
Rule 5 - Use of Service
Rule 6 - Auxiliary Service for Non-Qualifying Facilities
Rule 6A - Standby Service for Qualifying Facilities
Rule 7 - Temporary Service
Rule 8 - Measurement of Service
Rule 9 - Billing and Payment for Service
Rule 10 - Disconnection and Reconnection of Service
Rule 11 - Net Service for Generation Facilities
RS - Residential Service
RTS(R) - Residential Service - Thermal Storage
RTD(R) - Residential Service - Time of Day
GS-1 - Small General Service - Secondary Voltage
GS-3 - Large General Service - Secondary Voltage
LP-4 - Large General Service - 12 KV
LP-5 - Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
LP-6 - Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
LPEP - Power Service to Electric Propulsion
IS-1(R) - Interruptible Service - Greenhouses
IS-P(R) - Interruptible Large General Service - 12 KV or Higher
IS-T(R) - Interruptible Large General Service - 69 KV or Higher
BL - Borderline Service - Electric Utilities
SA - Private Area Lighting
SM(R) - Mercury Vapor Street Lighting
SHS - High Pressure Sodium Street Lighting
SLE - Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Lighting Service
SE - Energy Only Street Lighting Service
TS(R) - Municipal Traffic Signal Lighting Service
SI-1(R) - Municipal Street Lighting
GH-1(R) - Single Meter Com'l. Space Heating Service
GH-2(R) - Separate Meter General Space Heating Service
Proposed Appendix A - Universal Service and Energy Conservation Plan For the Period (2017-2019)
Rider Matrix
Generation Rate Adjustment Rider
State Tax Adjustment Surcharge  (STAS)
Emergency Energy Conservation Rider  (EEC)
Universal Service Rider  (USR)
Rate Stabilization Plan Rider
Rate Mitigation Plan Rider  (RMP)
Competitive Transition Charge Reconciliation Rider
Renewable Energy Development Rider
Net Metering For Renewable Customer-Generators  (NM)
Green Power Option
Metering and Billing Credit Rider  (MBC)
Demand Side Initiative Rider (Experimental)
Demand Side Response Rider - Residential (Experimental)
Transmission Service Charge  (TSC)
Generation Supply Charge
Generation Supply Charge - 1  (GSC-1)
Generation Supply Charge - 2  (GSC-2)
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 1  (ACR 1)
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 2  (ACR 2)
Act 129 Compliance Rider - Phase 3 (ACR 3) 
Merchant Function Charge Rider  (MFC)
Smart Meter Rider - Phase 1  (SMR 1)
Smart Meter Rider - Phase 2  (SMR 2)
Competitive Enhancement Rider  (CER)
Distribution System Improvement Charge  (DSIC)
Storm Damage Expense Rider (SDER)
TCJA Temporary Surcharge