Solar Inverters

Rules for Electric Meter and Service Installations (REMSI)


List of  Manufacturers and Model Numbers that have been submitted on previous projects, reviewed by PPL EU, and accepted for use.

Manufacturer's model number designation is subject to change by the manufacturer at their discretion.

For systems 25 kW or smaller and being installed at a location with single-phase service forward request to:

For systems larger than 25 kW and being installed at a location with single phase or three phase service, forward to request:

Complete information on the equipment, connection of facilities, and installation of equipment must be submitted for review for each project.

New Smart Inverter Supplement Requirement (.pdf) (Effective September 7, 2017)

Unless otherwise directed by PPL EU, inverters shall be set to unity power factor and shall adopt the IEEE 1547-2018 DER Category III voltage ride-through settings.