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867s Delayed (3/15/2018)

Communication#: 20180315-1

Distribution: Broker/Consultant, EDI Provider, Electric Generation Supplier, Other, Registered EGS

Contact Categories: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing/Usage, Customer Service, ECL Website Users, EDI, Enrollments/Drops/Changes, General, Net Metering, New MDMS System Questions, Primary Contact included on all emails, Rate Ready Website Users, Regulatory, Scheduling/Settlement, Settlement, Site Outage, Sync List

Subject: 867s Delayed

Purpose of Communication: Notify suppliers of delay in EDI 867 Usage transactions

Facts: System processing issues have resulted in a delay in our EDI processing including all 867 Usage transactions on 3/15/18. We anticipate the transactions to be sent by mid-day Thursday. The bill window will be automatically extended for the 867s.

Action Needed: None - Information Only

Contact Information for Electricity Suppliers

PPL Electric Utilities
Energy Acquisition
2 North Ninth Street (GENN 5)
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18101-1179

Supplier Hotline: 610.774.6396
Supplier Email: