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We want to make doing business with us easy. Here you can find important information for suppliers.

PPL purchases a wide variety of products and services, including equipment, repairs, professional services, facilities, energy efficiency, travel, fuel, construction, electrical, information technology, logistics, engineering services, maintenance and repairs, transmission equipment and services, marketing and media services, and fleet.

PPL is ready to do business with companies that are reliable, financially viable (DNB), appropriately insured for the product/service (Insurance Certificates), efficient, and customer-focused. If you are interested in becoming a PPL supplier, please refer to our supplier registration process.

Supplier Registration

The best way to introduce your business to PPL is through the Supplier Application Form. This will add your company’s information to a database available to all PPL sourcing representatives. As opportunities arise, a PPL sourcing representative may query this database to identify suppliers that match PPL’s need and selection criteria. However, your registration does not guarantee that you will be awarded PPL business. Fill out the form, load diversity certificates, capability statements, other information, etc

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

The value PPL places on diversity in its workplace and communities carries over to the people from whom the company purchases goods and services. Our supplier diversity program is our commitment to purchase goods and services at competitive prices, while enhancing the opportunities for business owners of diverse backgrounds to succeed.

PPL’s diversity program seeks to develop diverse companies into strong supply partners, enable diverse suppliers in gaining access to greater award opportunities, and enrich value in the PPL supply chain.

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