Need Help Paying Your Bill?

PPL Electric Utilities has programs for its customers

Programs to Help All PPL Electric Utilities Customers

Payment Assistance
  • Set up a payment arrangement online in minutes
  • Helps you manage an overdue balance
  • Spreads out the amount due over time
  • Stops late payment charges
Budget Billing
  • Averages your electric use over the entire year so that your bill amount will be more predictable.
  • Every 3 months, we’ll compare your budget amount to your actual usage, and, if needed, adjust the budget amount.
  • Budget billing is not a payment agreement and does not change any past due amount.

Programs for Income-Eligible Customers

  • Reduced-payment plan
  • Debt forgiveness
(Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program)
  • Cash grants for home heating bills and emergencies
  • Federal program generally open from November to April
Operation HELP
  • Cash grants for home heating bills
  • Funded by our generous customers, employees and PPL
  • Shut-off protection for temporary hardship
  • Referral service to community resources
(Winter Relief Assistance Program)
  • Free weatherization measures
  • Helps reduce energy use and improve comfort
Energy Efficiency Kits
  • Free energy efficiency education and measures
  • Delivered by community-based organizations

Program Overview

Other Information for PPL Customers

If you have a Protection from Abuse (PFA) order, you have certain protections.